Our Society

We host regular events and run projects with the intent to apply behavioural science to real and pressing issues. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Applied Projects

In 2021/22 we have three teams working on projects with UCL. This year we have lots more planned. The intent of all of our projects is to bring positive change to UCL campus and beyond. 


In 2021/22 hosted the first Nudgeathon at UCL. Our teams worked for 48 hours on reducing flying in the UK as a means to Net Zero. We published an article on the ideas42 blog highlighting all of the proposals. This year we have even bigger and better things planned. 


We have hosted several seminars with pioneers of behavioural science in their respective fields. We have many great seminars planned so sign up to attend.

The Team

This year we have a fantastic group of students passionate about applying behavioural science in the real world.